Recent Changes
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Recent Changes to Policies made by Board Action

September 14, 2010

At the September 14, 2010 Board of Directors meeting the following policy changes were made:

Policy 2215  Policy 2215 - District Diversity and Equity was renumbered, renamed and amended.  It is now Policy 1304, Equity and Diversity and can be found in the 1000 Chapter of the Manual

Policy 3310 - Business Partner Diversity   This NEW policy was adopted regarding the intention of the District to improve the participation of diverse businesses in district business.

Policy 4002 - Harassment and Violence Prohibition  This policy was amended to change the definitions of protected classes to more current language.  No additional classes were added, the defnitions of existing classes were simply amended.  The Superintendent has promulgated revised Regulations 4002 A, 4002 B and 4002 C to comply with the changes in the policy.

Policy 5262 - Assignment of Students to School   This policy was amended to conform to current district practice regarding the assignment of students to schools upon enrollment.  Changes that occurred due to the Changing School Options plan are incorporated in the revised policy.

Policy 5263 - Sibling Preference   This policy was amended to add clarity to the rules surrounding the district's preference to keep students from the same family group in the same school.  Diverse types of families are incorporated into the definitions and Changing School Options effects are incorporated in the revised policy.

Policy 6120 - Educational Choices   This policy