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Organization of Schools 6130-6138
In This Section

Organization of Schools 6130-6138

Organization of Schools 6130-6138

Policies (P) and Regulations (R) that address the organization of schools within the district.

P 6130

Grade Configuration and System Organization

Establishes the configurations of district schools, and authorizes the Superintendent to recommend configurations as alternates to those established.

P 6131

School Calendar

Authorizes the Superintendent to recommend a school calendar for adoption by the Board of Directors.

R 6131 A

Release Day

Establishes that a proposed school calendar shall be recommended by a representative committee.

P 6132

School Day

This policy establishes the responsibility for determining the length of the school day for district students, and authorizes the closure of schools due to inclement weather.

R 6132 A

Length of School Day

Establishes the length of the school day for teachers.

R 6132 B

Inclement Weather

This regulation addresses the procedure for closing or keeping schools open during periods of inclement weather.

P 6134

Class Size

Establishes the standards for class size and student/teacher ratios.

P 6135


The purpose of this policy is to establish the District position on the grouping of students in classes.

R 6135 A

Permissible Grouping Principles

The purpose of this regulation is to establish when non-heterogeneous groupings of students may be made for academic purposes.

P 6136

Released Time for Religious Instruction

Establishes the rights of parents to excuse students for the purpose of organized religious study offered by a third party.

R 6136 A

Released Time for Religious Instruction

Establishes the procedures for implementation of release time for religious instruction.

P 6137

Ceremonies and Observances  

Establishes the primacy of the United States Flag in district facilities and events.

R 6137 A

Displaying the United States Flag  

Requires the appropriate display of the United States Flag in and outside of all schools.

P 6138

Religious Observances

Establishes the District's commitment to abide by United States law regarding the rights of individuals to practice the religion of their choice, and prohibits ceremonies or observances with a religious or sectarian theme in the instructional program.

R 6138 A

Guidelines on Observances of Religious Holidays

This regulation implements the District's commitment to support the separation of church and state and to support the rights of individuals to practice the religion of their choice.