Recent Changes
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Recent Changes to Policies made by Board Action

November 27, 2012

At its November 27, 2012 meeting the Board of Directors took the following policy actions:
·         Amended and renamed Policy 1650 – Swimming Pool and Ice Arena Use, formerly titled Use of Gymnasiums, Swimming Pools and Ice Arenas.   The revised policy addresses appropriate supervision of persons using the district’s swimming pools. It also give priority of use rules for scheduling both swimming pools and the district ice arena. The ice arena section addresses cancellations and required notice for cancellation without penalty.
·         Amended and renamed Policy 3280 – Gifts, Bequests and Grants, formerly titled Gifts, Grants and Bequests.   The responsibility for acceptance of gifts is determined according to the market value of the gift.  Standards for acceptable gifts, including acceptable restrictions made by the donor, are addressed.
·         Adopted a new Policy 6200 – Curriculum and Instruction. Containing broad statements about the adopted curriculum of the district include the standards-based nature of the curriculum, and the connection to the district’s strategic plan. The policy establishes the authority for District Advisory Committee on Curriculum (which is already in existence).
·         Amended Policy 6276 – Curriculum Evaluation to update references and to align curriculum evaluation efforts with the district strategic plan as recommended by the Phi Delta Kappa Curriculum Audit.