Recent Changes
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Recent Changes to Policies made by Board Action

November 10, 2009

At its November 10, 2009 regular board meeting, the Board of Education made several policy changes. Four policies were repealed, two were amended and one was adopted.

Chapter 1000 - Community Relations
Policy 1200 - was amended and its name changed to Board Meetings and Public Participation
Policy 1250  (Notice of Board Meetings) was repealed.  The substance of this policy is now included in Board Policy 8210 - Meetings of the Board of Directors

Chapter 5000 - Students
Policy 5391 - Graduation Requirements was amended to delete obsolete references and to reflect changes in Minnesota law regarding math requirements for graduation.
The Superintendent has promulgated Regulation 5391 A - Granting Credits which clarifies when and how students may earn partial credit for coursework, and identifies the responsibility that students, guidance counselors and teachers bear toward assisting students with completing partial credits.

Chapter 7000 - Facilities
In the nearly completed review and reconstruction of this chapter two obsolete policies were repealed:
Policy 7510 - State Board of Education  and Policy 7520 - City Planning Commission
A NEW policy 7000 - Gardens on School Property was adopted.  This policy clarifies the different sorts of gardening projects that may be involved with school properties and allows the Superintendent to create procedures for the approval of these projects. 
The Superintendent has promulgated Regulations 7000 A - Definitions and 7000 B - Application and Approval Process to implement the new Gardens on School Property Policy.