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Mission and Goals 6000-6129
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Mission and Goals 6000-6120

Mission and Goals 6000-6120

Policies (P) and Regulations (R) that address the District's mission and goals and educational choices.

P 6000

Mission of the Educational Program

The purpose of this policy is to establish the mission and vision statement of the educational program.

P 6010

Autonomous Schools

The purpose of this policy is to establish the intent to seek out, select and implement a portfolio of schools that will operate with greater autonomy in order to increase academic achievement.

R 6010 A

Application Procedures

This regulation establishes a specific and equitable application process for all entities or groups applying to become authorized autonomous schools with the District.

R 6010 B

Performance Contracts

This regulation establishes the requirements of performance contracts to be entered into by the District with authorized autonomous schools

R 6010 C

Oversight of Autonomous Schools

The purpose of this policy is to establish parameters for oversight of autonomous schools approved by the Board of Directors.

R 6010 D

Renewal or Termination

The purpose of this regulation is to establish the procedures for renewing the approval, terminating the approval or transferring the approval of an autonomous school.

P 6110

Academic Goals

The purpose of this policy is to establish broad academic goals for the school district that support the District’s Mission and Vision, the Minnesota Academic Standards and applicable federal law.

P 6121

Academic, Social Emotional and Behavior Supports

Establishes the plan for providing academic, social emotional, behavior and trauma-based care supports and interventions within the general education program to meet all students' needs.

R 6121 A

Implementation of Supports and Interventions

Provides the framework for implementation of the district's multi-tiered system of support for students.