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Learning Outside the Classroom 6230-6240
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Learning Outside the Classroom

Learning Outside the Classroom

Policies (P), Regulations (R), Forms and Publications (F) that address student learning activities that occur outside the regular classroom.

P 6230

Field Trips

This policy addresses the use of field trips to extend the curriculum outside of the classroom, it classifies field trips, and establishes whether field trips are district sanctioned.

R 6230 A

Procedures and Definitions: Non-Extended Trips

This regulation addresses procedures for and definitions related to non-extended (local, or short term) field trips

R 6230 B

Procedures and Definitions: Extended Trips

This regulation addresses procedures and definitions of terms regarding extended field trips.

R 6230 C

Athletics and Team Transportation

This regulation addresses issues regarding use of field trip transportation buses when used to support Athletic and other Student Activity Teams.

F 6230 A

Simple field trip permision form

A form to obtain parent permission for a student to participate in a single event field trip.

F 6230 B

Series field trip permission form

A form to use when obtaining permission from a parent for a student to participate in a series of identified field trips.

F 6230 C

Simple Field Trip Permission Form (2 up)

This is the same form as F 6230 A, but is printed two to a page for conservation of paper.

P 6240