Recent Changes
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Recent Changes to Policies made by Board Action

June 26, 2012

At the June 26, 2012 Regular meeting of the Board of Directors the following policies were amended and renamed:
·         Policy 4028 – Criminal Background Checks was amended and renamed: Background Checks. Changes bring the policy into compliance with state law regarding checks performed on persons providing services to district students who are not employees. In addition it allows background checks to be performed if the District has reason to believe that the person or employee is or has been involved in criminal activity, or has failed to disclose a previous conviction, subsequent to an earlier check, or since employment. The policy also allows the district to conduct other background checks, including review of social media sites, regarding district personnel.
·         Policy 5620 – Release of Pupils to Police was amended and renamed: Releasing Students to Police. The policy addresses primarily those occasions when law enforcement officers want to interview students who may be victims, witnesses or suspects for activities that occur off campus. Parent notification and safeguards for student education and privacy are included.
·         Policy 7630 – Site Size and Identification was amended and renamed: Facility Sites, Sizes and Identification. Changes are to centralize the process of assessing over all district facility needs and authorizing the Superintendent to develop a community advisory committee regarding district facility needs. Obsolete references were removed.