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External Relationships with Other Agencies 1700 - 1899
In This Section

External Relationships with Other Agencies 1700-1899

External Relationships with Other Agencies 1700-1899

Policies (P) and Regulations (R) that address the Districts relationships with external organizations.

P 1720

External Funds

This policy establishes the annual authorization of the Superintendent to seek out and apply for, or accept external grants and aids that further the district mission.

R 1720 A

Administration of External Funds

This regulation describes the procedures required for pursuing external sources of funds, such as competitive grants

P 1730

Academic Research

The purpose of this policy is to establish the parameters for using information regarding the Minneapolis Public Schools, its facilities, employees and students for purposes of research.

R 1730 A

Responsibility, Definitions and Procedures for Research Approval

The purpose of this regulation is to
A. designate the appropriate department to receive, review and approve requests for using Minneapolis Public Schools facilities, students, staff or data related to any of them for the purposes of research;
B. provide definitions for terms used in this regulation and the policy it implements (Policy 1730); and
C. establish the procedures for applying to conduct research in the Minneapolis Public Schools.

P 1750

Cooperative Education Procedures Between Minneapolis Board of Education and Colleges, Universities and Other Agencies

This policy addresses the involvement of external agencies, including colleges and universities, in district schools, including observation, student teaching, and other issues.

P 1770

Student Teaching

This policy establishes the supervision responsibility for student teachers.

R 1770 A

Student Teaching

This regulation establishes the responsibilities in a student-teaching relationship, and procedures for assigning student teachers.