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Enrollment and Assignment 5260-5299
In This Section

Enrollment and Assignment 5260-5299

Enrollment and Assignment 5260-5299

Policies (P) and Regulations (R) addressing other issues regarding student enrollment and placement in schools.

P 5260

School Attendance Areas

Authorizes the Superintendent to designate boundaries of school attendance area, subject to Board of Directors approval.

R 5260 A

School Attendance Areas

This regulation establishes that for most students, a change in residence results in a change in school assignment, and provides for exceptions to this general rule.

R 5260 B


The purpose of this regulation is to establish the rules for determination of residency of a student, and therefore school assignment.

P 5261


The purpose of this policy is to state the position of the school district with regard to racial desegregation issues and in relation to the district’s commitment to high achievement for all students.

P 5262

School Choice and Assignment of Students to Schools

The purpose of this policy is to establish the authority of the Superintendent to assign students to district schools, provide guidance to staff, and assure fair and consistent information to families about the organizing principles for assignment of students to schools.

R 5262 A

Protocols for School Assignment

The purpose of this regulation is to state the protocols controlling student assignment to over-subscribed schools

P 5290

Tuition for School Day Programs

The purpose of this policy is to establish when students must pay tuition to enroll in a school day educational program in the Minneapolis Public Schools.

R 5290 A

Definitions, Residency Determination and Appeal Process

The purposes of this regulation are to define terms used in Policy 5290 and attendant regulations, to establish responsibility for determination of residency, to give parameters for residency decisions, and to establish rules for the appeal process.

P 5291

Education of Homeless Children

. This policy is intended to ensure that the district is in full compliance with the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.

R 5291 A

Education of Homeless/Highly Mobile Students

The purpose of this regulation is to ensure that children and youth who are experiencing homelessness receive the same educational opportunities as other students who are not homeless.