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Community LIfe 1500 - 1699
In This Section

Community Life 1500 -1699

Community Life 1500 -1699

Policies (P) and Regulations (R) that address interactions between schools and the public.

P 1540

Complaints Concerning School Personnel

The purpose of this policy is to establish the procedure for making complaints about school personnel.

P 1580

Soliciting, Peddling and Canvassing on District Grounds

The purpose of this policy is to regulate the activities of persons wishing to solicit, peddle to or canvass persons on district grounds.

P 1600

Use of District Facilities

The purposes of this policy include the limitations on use of district premises by third parties, the establishment of priorities in scheduling, and to establish fees for the use of district facilities.

R 1600 A

Applications for Facility Use

This regulation implements the rules for use of district premises and establishes the application process to be used by third party requestors.

R 1600 B

Official Parent Groups: Facility Use

This regulation acknowledges the special relationship that official parent groups have with a school, and provides special access rights to those groups.

P 1630

Political Meetings

This policy addresses the use of district facilities for political meetings hosted by candidates, parties or political supporters, the district's scheduling of events on election and caucus days, and the rights of employees to participate in elections and political caucuses. 

P 1650

Swimming Pool and Ice Arena Use

The purpose of this policy is to establish the parameters for use and safety measures to be taken with these facilities.

R 1650 A

Requirements for Use: Swimming Pools

The purpose of this regulation is to assure that school sites, facilities and district departments are in compliance with the instructional, health and safety regulations of the state departments and agencies with oversight of public swimming pools.

R 1650 B

Requirements for Use: Ice Arena

This regulation establishes specific rules regarding use of the District Ice Arena including reservations of ice-time, and fees for use.

P 1692

School Site Councils

The purpose of this policy is to specify the configuration, membership requirements, and the duties and contributions of the site council and its members to the governance of the school.

R 1692 A

Site Council Governance

Establishes the requirements for governance documents (by-laws) for school site councils, and the complaint process handled by the site council.