Budget 3005-3195
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Policies (P) and Regulations (R) addressing the  planning, development, review, adoption and publication of the District's budgets

P 3005


The policy establishes the Board's responsibility to assess the business and operations of the district.

P 3120

Budget Preparation

Directs the development of the Budget with individual budget managers and the administration.  Requires that the balanced proposed budget be presented by June 30th of each year.

R 3120 A

Preparation of Budget Document

The purpose of this regulation is to establish the process for review of, and the basic contents of, the proposed budget.

P 3125

Budget Preparation

Establishes the basic contents of the operating budget.

P 3128

Performance Indicators

Provides for the integration of performance measuremenmts and productivity indicators in the budget.

P 3135

Budget Review, Adoption, Publication

Establishes the process for review of the annual budget prior to adoption, and the process for adoption of the budget.

P 3142

Internal Service Funds

Establishes the practice of annually creating a three -year projection for all Internal Service Funds.

R 3142 A

Internal Service Fund Fees

Grants ability to set fees and user chargers for internal service funds.

P 3145

Budget as Spending Plan

Grants power to the Superintendent to approve and direct expenditures in accordance with the adopted budget.

R 3145 A

Budget as a Spending Plan

Establishes the requirement to operate within the budget as a spending plan, and responsibilties for reporting and decision making.

P 3150

Budget Reports

Establishes that regular monthly budget reports shall be prepared.

R 3150 A

Transfer of Funds Between Major Categories

This regulation establishes the responsibility for making and supporting transfers between district funds.

P 3160

Current Expenditures

Establishes the requirement that all current expenditures be paid by current revenues.

P 3170

Multi-Year Captial Planning

Establishes the requirement of a capital plan with annual updates.

P 3172

Annual Capital Budget

The purpose is to require an annual capital budget based on the multi-year capital plan.

P 3174

Budget Preparation

Establishes the criteria for the Capital Budget.

P 3176

Capital Improvement Budget

Establishes the requirement for a capital improvement budget for all capital expenditures.

P 3178

Coordination of Capital Budget Planning

The purpose of this policy is to establish the coordination of the captial budget with the operational budget.

P 3179

Equipment Replacement

The purpose of this policy is to establish the requirement of creating equipment maintenance and replacement projections.

P 3195

Revenue Projections

This policy establishes the responsibility for preparation and review of financial projections.