Recent Changes
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Recent Changes to Policies made by Board Action

August 28, 2012

At the Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors held August 28, 2012 at North High School, the Board took the following policy actions:
·         Policy 1040 was amended and renamed Student and Staff Data Protection. A limited expansion of directory information available to governmental entities was permitted by the amended policy. Parents continue to have the right to restrict access to information about their students, and adult students maintain the right to restrict access to information about themselves. 
·         Policy 1580 was amended and renamed Soliciting, Peddling and Canvassing on District Grounds. The policy limits the rights of the public to solicit for business or interests, peddle merchandise or canvass students, staff, visitors and contractors on district grounds. It also limits this activity from public sidewalks adjacent to district property when busses are present loading, unloading or waiting to do either, for students, staff, visitors and contractors.