Recent Changes
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Recent Changes to Policies made by Board Action

August 13, 2013

At its August 13, 2013 regular meeting the Board of Directors took the following Policy Actions:
Policy 5051 – (formerly Policy 6522 – Participation on Athletic Teams) was recodified as Policy 5051, amended and renamed Equal Opportunity in Athletics
Policy 5560 – (formerly entitled Co-curricular Eligibility; Requirements for Participation in Athletics and other Co-curricular Activities) was amended and renamed Eligibility for Student Activities.   The policy now allows a student’s cumulative Grade Point Average to meet the eligibility requirements for participation; extends the capacity of students to appeal eligibility decisions with the assistance of an adult advocate rather than requiring appeals to be initiated by the student’s parent only; establishes consequences for significant, negative behavior events for student leaders in student activities.
Policy 6230 – Field Trips was amended.   The policy now establishes the difference between instructional field trips (which must be free of cost and available to all eligible students) and supplementary field trips (which may be limited in participation on the basis of payment of fees, or other criteria). It also establishes the difference between District sanctioned trips over which the District maintains control, and non-sanctioned trips, over which the District exerts no control and accepts no responsibility for. The policy establishes that field trips that are taken at or around bodies of water (including natural and human –made bodies of water) must include the presence of a certified life guard. The Superintendent has established specific requirements for approving trips depending on their location, duration and other criteria.
Policy 6521 – Athletics, Co-curricular Activities, Clubs and Organizations was repealed. (see Policy 5560)
Policy 6522 – Participation on Athletic Teams was recodified as Policy 5051, amended and renamed Equal Opportunity in Athletics
Policy 6523 – Academic and Attendance Requirements for Eligibility for All Extra Curricular Activities was repealed (see Policy 5560)
Policy 8210 – Board Meetings was amended to remove the requirement of two regular board meetings per month, and substitutes that the board will establish and publish a schedule of regular board meetings. The current board has done so, scheduling one (1) regular board meeting per month