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Recent Changes to Policies made by Board Action

April 13, 2010

At its April 13, 2010 meeting the Board of Directors amended three policies, repealed one policy and adopted a new policy.
Policy 5100 – Attendance
The policy, last revised in July 2000, was amended to remove obsolete references, establishes the attendance values of the District and authorizes the Superintendent to promulgate regulations. It makes students enrolled in pre-K programs , such as High-five subject to portions of the policy. 
The Superintendent has promulgated three regulations to implement the policy. Regulation 5100 A – rules and procedures outlines the responsibilities of district and school staff related to attendance. It establishes the available reasons for parents and adult students to apply for excused status for absences, and outlines the procedures and documentary requirements necessary for excused absences. Eligibility for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and events as affected by attendance is established. It also establishes the appeal process for attendance coding decisions.   Regulation 5100 B – Attendance Expectations and Interventions establishes the 95 % standards for attendance and timeliness. It authorizes schools to establish tardy rules and procedures consistent with the policy and regulations. It establishes that attendance and tardiness alone may not affect a student’s grade, or acquisition of credits. Students with excused absences are entitled to a reasonable amount of time (set by the teacher) to make up missed assignments. 
Policy 5180 – Attendance and Occasional or Periodic Excuses and Exempt Absences
This policy was repealed by the Board. Its terms were subsumed in the revised Attendance policy and regulations.
Policy 6411 – Multi-Cultural, Gender Fair Learning Materials/Instruction
Renamed: Learning Materials and Resources
This policy was amended to remove obsolete references, to add criteria to those used to select curricular learning materials and resources, and to require an annual report to the Board of Education regarding learning materials, plans on curriculum review and curriculum adoption cycles.
The Superintendent has promulgated three Regulations to implement this amended policy. Regulation 6411 A – Criteria for Selection establishes discipline specific criteria for choosing learning materials and resources. Regulation 6411 B – Review Committee and Procedures describes the curriculum/ learning materials and resources adoption process. Regulation 6411 C – Use of Video in the Classroom establishes rules for use of video resources in the classroom. It adopts the MPAA rating system, and requires the prior approval of the principal to show popularly released, commercial videos in classroom – such videos must connect with the curriculum. A requirement for parental notice of use of commercial, popular videos is included.
Policy 8115- Membership and Quorum
This policy was amended to remove all references to filling vacancies on the Board of Education, in light of the adoption of Policy 8116 – Vacancies on the Board.
NEW Policy 8116 – Vacancies on the Board
This policy was adopted to address issues of vacancies on the Board of Education, including the notices required, the terms of the appointed replacements and limitations based on election district seat vacancy creation and filling.