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Activities 5400-5599
In This Section

Activities 5400-5599

Activities 5400-5599

Policies (P) and Regulations (R) that address school sponsored activities for students.

P 5460


Establishes the responsibility for student dress, and the circumstances under which a school dress code may be developed and imposed. Prohibits student dress that is contrary to terms or law or is disruptive to the educational process.

P 5491

Student Access to Facilities

Establishes the rights of secondary students to organize meetings of fellow students, when the meetings are not sponsored by the school or school authorized activities.

R 5491 A

Student Access Process

Establishes the rules for student-led activities that are not sponsored by the school.

P 5510

Public Performances by Students

Authorizes public performances by students and student groups under appropriate conditions.

R 5510 A

Public Performances by Students

Establishes rules for participation in public performances.

P 5540


. The purpose of this policy is to establish the parameters for fund raisers sponsored by the district, a school or student activity groups.

R 5540 A

Limitations and Procedures

The purpose of this regulation is to establish some parameters for fundraising done by district schools and between employees.

R 5540 B

Sale of Tickets

The purpose of this regulation is to establish the parameters for permissible sale of tickets on district premises.

P 5550

Gifts to Schools from Students or Classes

The policy addresses gifts made collectively by school classes or students.

P 5560

Eligibility for Student Activities

The purpose of this policy is to establish the minimum requirements for eligibility for participation in student activities that promote participation, but recognize the supremacy of the student’s academic progress.

R 5560 A


The purpose of this regulation is to establish the definitions of terms used in policies regarding student activities.

R 5560 B

Athletic Contests

The purpose of this regulation is to establish limitations on participation in athletic contests or activities and to establish the responsibility for management of athletic contests occurring on district premises.

R 5560 C

Student Athlete Eligibility Procedures and Additional Rules

Establishes adoption of the Minnesota State High School League Rules for student eligibility for covered activities, and other procedures related to student eligibility in athletics.

R 5560 D

Appeals and Rquests for Exceptions

The purpose of this regulation is to establish the procedure for making appeals of decisions regarding eligibility or for requesting exceptions for student eligibility to participate in student activities.

R 5560 E

Athletic Council

The purpose of this regulation is to establish the membership, duty charge, and other issues surrounding the operation of the district athletic council.

P 5580

Financial Profit

Prohibition of obtaining financial profit from students; permits approved fundraising efforts, but prohibits fundraising by non-school agencies or activities