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Academic Freedom 6250-6260
In This Section

Academic Freedom 6250-6260

Academic Freedom 6250-6260

Policies (P), Regulations (R), Forms and Publications (F) that address academic freedom and controversial issues in the schools.

P 6250

Controversial Issues

This purpose of this policy is to establish the District's position on inclusion of issues that may be controversial in the curriculum.

R 6250 A

Teaching Controversial Issues

This regulation provides guidance on the teaching of issues that may be controversial in the classroom.

R 6250 B

Religion in the Classroom

This regulation addresses how religion or religious beliefs may be part of the curriculum.

P 6260

Academic Freedom

This policy establishes the District's commitment to academic freedom in the appropriate instruction of students.

R 6260 A

Procedures in Making School Contacts to be Used by Parents or Interested Citizens in Questioning the Suitability of Learning Materials

This regulation establishes the procedures to be used to question the suitability of learning materials.

F 6260 B

Request for Reconsideration of a Work Form

This is a form to use when requesting a review of curricular material on the basis of objectionable content.