Recent Changes
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Recent Changes to Policies made by Board Action

May 26, 2009

The following changes were made:


Policy 3270: 
Amended and Renamed "Sales and Leases of Real Property"

The Superintendent has :

  • repealed Regulation 3270 B "Disposal of School District Property"
  • repealed Regulation 3270 C "Rental Use of School Real Property"
  • replaced former Regulation 3270 A with a new Regulation 3270 A "Proceeds and Definitions"

Policy 3300:
Amended and Renamed "Purchasing"
The Superintendent has :

  • amended Regulation 3300 A and renamed it "Purchasing Procedures"
  • amended Regulation 3300 B and renamed it "Purchasng Guidelines"
  • amended Regulation 3300 C
  • repealed Regulations 3300 D and 3300 E

Policy 3313 :
Amended and Renamed "Vendor Relations"
The Superintendent has:

  • amended Regulation 3313 A and renamed it "Vendor Outreach"
  • amended Regulation 3313 B and renamed it "Vendor Contacts"
  • repealed Regulation 3313 C

Policy 3314:
The Superintendent has:

  • amended Regulation 3314 A and renamed it "Definitions and Required Notices"

Policy 3321:
The Superintendent has:

  • repealed Regulation 3321 A
  • repealed Regulation 3321 B
  • amended Regulation 3321 C

Policy 3326:
Amended and renamed "Receipt and Payment for Goods and Services"
The Superintendent has

  • amended Regulation 3326 A and renamed it "Authorizing Receipts and Payments"
  • repeaed Regulation 3326 B

Changes in Chapter 7000
The following policies have all been repealed:
7650, Schematic Design with Approvals
7660, Design Develoment with Approvals
7670, Equipment and Furniture
7700, Responsibility after Design Development
7710, Drawings and Specifications
7720, Construction Documents and Specifications
7730, Advertisements and Soclicitations
7740, Provision of Plans, Specifications, and Affirmative Action Programs
7750, Time for Preparation of Bids
7760, Deposits for Bidders
7770, Receiving and Opening of Bids
7780, Determining Qualification of Bidders
7790, Rejection and Withdrawal of Bids
7800, Awarding Contracts
7810, Contracts
7820, Change Order Justification
7830, Protection and Guarantees
7840, Supervision
7850, Records and Reports
7900, Training the Staff
7920, Inspection of Completed Projects

Policy 6415:
Amended and Renamed: Internet and Educational Network Use
The Superintendent has:

  • replaced former Regulation 6415 A with new Regulation 6415 A "Internet Use Agreements and Limitations of District Liability"
  • replaced former Regulation 6415 B with new Regulation 6415 B "Internet, E-mail and Network Rules for Student Use"
  • replaced former Regulation 6415 C with new Regulation 6415 C "Internet, E-mail and Network Rules for Staff Use"
  • amended Regulation 6415 D and renamed it "Web Page Development"