Recent Changes
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Recent Changes to Policies made by Board Action

June 30, 2009

The Board adopted two policies on June 30, 2009.  Their effective dates are July 1, 2009.

Parent Portal : Policy 1050
This policy establishes the Board's commitment to communication with parents through the electronic means of the internet. 

The Superintendent has not yet promulgated regulations for this policy.


Credit for High School Courses:  Policy 6223
Minnesota Law provides that students, regardless of their current grade of enrollment, may receive high school credit toward graduation by the successful completion of high school courses.

This new policy confirms that commitment, and provides that credits earned before enrolling as a high school student shall be included on the student's transcript.  The Board authorized the Superintendent to promulgate regulations to implement this policy.

The Superintendent has promulgated two regulations to implement Policy 6223 : Credit for High School Courses.

Regulation 6223 A : Requirements and Procedures

  • Describes what is required for a credit to be earned;
  • Describes the procedure a student must follow to get such a credit placed on their transcript;
  • Establishes that credits earned before a student enrolls at a high school, any credits will be made on a transcript for that student at the high school of the student's home residence area.  This may not be the student's eventual high school of enrollment when the student reaches high school age.  Credits on those transcripts will be transferred to the student's transcript at their high school of enrollment at the time the student enters high school.

Regulation 6223 B: Definitions   -   Provides District accepted definitions for terms used in Policy 6223 and Regulation 6223 A.