Recent Changes
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Recent Changes to Policies made by Board Action

June 9, 2015

At the June 9, 2015 regular meeting of the Board of Directors the Board took the following policy actions:

  • Policy 3600 - Self-Insurance Internal Service Fund was amended and renamed Self Insurance Program.   The major change is to raise the threshold at which Board action is required to approve settlements of claims brought under the District's Sell Insurance Program.  This amendment also consolidated the former Policies 3610-3650 into 3600.
  • Policy 3610 - Self-Insurance Fund Balance was repealed.
  • Policy 3620 - Safety and Risk Avoidance was repealed.
  • Policy 3630 - Risk Management Reports was repealed.
  • Policy 3640 - Self-Insurance Evaluation was repealed.
  • Policy 3650 - Self Insurance General Liability Program was repealed.


  • Policy 4030 - Workers Compensation was amended.
  • Policy 6207 - Rigorous Course Waiver was amended.