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Recent Changes
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Recent Changes to Policies made by Board Action
September 11, 2012

At its September 11th Regular Meeting, the Board of Directors
·         made major revisions in the policies dealing with banking issues and accounts:
o   Policy 3299 – Bank Fees was repealed – its substance is now part of Policy 3400 and its regulations
o   Policy 3400 – formerly known as “System of Accounts” was renamed “Banking” and significantly revised, including a requirement that the Administration conduct a request for proposals (RFP) from banking institutions at least every five years to be considered for district banking purposes.
o   Policy 3405 – formerly known as “Classification of Accounts” was amended and renamed “Accounting”. The substance of several other policies (3450, 5530) was combined in the amended policy.
o   Policy 3450 – Monies of School Buildings was repealed.
o   Policy 3460 - Depositories  was repealed
o   Policy 5530 – Management of Students Funds was repealed.
·         amended  and renamed Policy 6220 – formerly”New Course Offerings – Secondary “and renamed it “New Course Offerings”
·         amended and renamed Policy 6278 – formerly “Evaluation of Experimental Courses” and renamed it “Evaluation of Piloted Courses”