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Recent Changes to Policies made by Board Action
September 29, 2009

The Board adopted several new policies, amended one, and repealed one.  These changes are effective September 30, 2009.

Policy 5542 - Distribution of Flyers has been repealed.  It has been substantially amended and adopted as a new policy in the Community Relations Chapter, 1060.

Policy 1450 - Community Relations: Citizen Assistance to School Personnel Volunteer Liability  has been amended and RENAMED : Volunteers.

  • Three types of volunteering are identified - volunteers, community resources and community partners.  How a person will be classified as a volunteer , community resource or community partner will be made by the Superintendent's designee - the Volunteer Services Coordinator.
  • All volunteers must go through a centralized application process.  Individual schools will no longer have individual application processes.  Schools must link their volunteer solicitation located on their school websites to the district volunteer application site.
  • Volunteers who will be supervising students without a district employee present at the same time will need to pass a criminal background check performed prior to that service. 
  • No volunteers may work in a school until they have completed the application process.

Policy 1060 - Flyer Distribution.  This policy governs the carry-home flyer distribution program.  The program applies to all non-school communications.  The Superintendent has promulgated Regulations implementing this policy.  A FAQ (Freqently Asked Questions) document has been supplied for use by community members and schools to address how the flyer distribution program works.  A checklist has been created to assist persons interested in using the carry-home flyer distribution program in following the policy and regulations.  These items may be found on the Subject matter groups in the right column of the Policy webpage.

Policy 1070 - Poster Display.  This is a new policy governing the display of posters in schools.  The Superintendent has promulgated Regulations implementing this policy.   Principals have been designated by the School Board as the authority to administer this policy and regulations.

Policy 1080 - Public Information Display.  This is a new policy governing the acceptance and display of brochures, newspapers, magazines and other print material in schools and district facilities.  The Superintendent has promulgated regulations implementing the policy.  The Superintendent has designated the District Communications and Public Affairs Department as the authority over non-school district facilities for this purpose, and Principals as the authorities in their buildings.

Policy 1301 - Community Partners.  This is a new policy governing the community partner program in the District.  This program which has existed for many years under a regulation found in Policy 5542, has grown dramatically since its inception.  This policy recognizes the important role that community partners can play in District schools.   The Superintendent has promulgated regulations implementing this policy.  Different categories and types of community partners are defined, the application process is established, and the requirements of a partnership contract are also established. 

Policy 3515 - Telephones.  This is a new policy governing district telephones used  by employees.  Ownership, assignment, and use are defined in the policy.  The Superintendent has promulgated regulations implementing this policy.